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We strongly believe there is great significance to research in education.AERO as a knowledge Partner with several leading institutes and Universities across India & tie ups abroad offers following services in line with promoting Research Publications:

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S. No. Title of paper Name of the author/s Download
1 Fuzzy Rule-Based Fault Location Technique for Thyristor-Controlled Series-Compensated Transmission Lines M. Suresh Kumar, A. Naresh Kumar Link
2 A Review Of Design And Develop An Efficient Pilot-Reuse Scheduling Algorithm To Reduce Pilot Contamination In Massive Mimo Systems M. Suresh Kumar, Ratnaprabha B Chavan Link
3 Analysis Of Electrochemical Machining Process Parameters Affecting Material Removal Rate Of Hastelloy C-276 M. Suresh Kumar, Raj Kumar Yadav Link
4 An Approach To Improve The Complexity Of El-Gamal Cryptographic Algorithm And Its Simulation M. Suresh Kumar, Raj Kumar Yadav Link
5 Comparative Analysis Of Dynamic Voltage Restorer Supported With Bess And Super Capacitor M. Suresh Kumar, A. Naresh Kumar Link
6 Characterization of Novel composites from Polybenzoxazine and granite powder Ravi Krishna Swami Garigipati, Ramakrishna Malkapuram Link
7 Sawdust reinforced Polybenzoxazine composites: Thermal and Structural Properties Ravi Krishna Swami Garigipati, Ramakrishna Malkapuram Link
8 Modeling Fabrication and Analysis of an Experimental Combustion Chamber G. Ravi Krishna Swami, G. Pruthvi Raju, Malkapuram Ramakrishna, K.Balamurugan Link
9 Mechanical Properties of fly ash/sawdust reinforced epoxy hybrid composites M.PrudhviKrishna, M.PhaniKireeti, M.Ramakrishna, Y.Jyothi, G.Ravi krishna swami Link
10 Design and Analysis of Two Throat Wind Tunnel Shiva Prasad. U, B. Ramamohan Pai, Yogeesha pai, D. Govardhan4 & B. Praveen Link
11 Nozzle contour design for space propulsion module Athota Rathan Babu , Shiva Prasad U , B Praveen, Suresh Kumar R, Gsd Madhav Link
12 CFD simulation of flow past wing body junction: A 3-D approach Snigdha mandapudi, satya sandeep chaganti, swathi gorle ,shiva prasad. U, govardhan. D, praveen. B Link
13 Particulate laden flow simulation in three dimensional axial compressor stage used in aircraft engine Shiva Prasad U, Ratthan Babu, Suresh Kumar, CH Satya Sandeep Link
14 Modal, thermal and coupled field analysis for compressor blades Swathi.G Snigdha.M Satya Sandeep.C Shiva Prasad.U; Praveen.B Link
15 Numerical analysis of the effect of nozzle geometry on flow parameters in abrasive water jet machines Deepak, D.; Jodel A. Q. Cornelio; Abraham, M. Midhun; Prasad, U. Shiva Link
16 Aerodynamics and Stability of Spacecraft During Earth Entry A. Rathan Babu, Shiva Prasad U, CH. Satya Sandeep, Suresh Kumar R Link
17 Feasibility study of power generation using a turbine mounted in aircraft wing K. Sri vamsi krishna, Shiva Prasad U, R. sabari vihar, K. Babitha, k veeranjaneyulu, Govardhan D. Link
18 Comparison Of Wall Temperatures On Scramjet Inlets at Hypersonic Velocities Ujjwal Kanth C. Satya Sandeep U. Shiva Prasad R. Suresh Kumar; Sivakumar. E Link
19 Aircraft Noise Reduction And Control System By The Kāˆ’Epsilon Turbulence Model Babitha Kodavanla , Dr A Barai, Shiva Prasad U, Mr. B. Nagaraj Goud Link
20 Experimental and Numerical Analysis over the Truncated Airfoil with Slotted Flap Configuration U. Shiva Prasad, S. Ajay Varma, R. Suresh Kumar, K. M. R. Sree Vaibhav and C. H. Satya Sandeep Link
21 Experimental Aerodynamic Analysis of Delta Wing Using Six Component Balance Suresh kumar, shiva prasad. U, c. H. Satyasandeep, m. Ganesh Link
21 Automotive chassis design material selection for road and race vehicles Shiva prasad u, athota rathan babu, bandu sairaju, saikrishna Amirishetty, deepak d Link
23 Design and Analysis of Cavitating Propeller T. Mahesh Kumar, Ravi Kumar P, K. V. Murali Krishna & P. K. Dash Link
24 Experimental Investigation And Analysis Of A Mechanical And Thermal Properties Of Hybrid Polymer Composite Plates T. Mahesh Kumar, Ravi Kumar. P, D. Anitha & Bhavikatti Praveen Link
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